Reverse Osmosis System 4000 GPD With Vertical Multistage Pump (Black Cabinet)

Reverse Osmosis System 4000 GPD With Vertical Multistage Pump (Black Cabinet)


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Black Cabinet Series RO Systems are designed to produce low dissolved solids product water from tap or well water. These systems use high efficiency, low energy membranes, and run at high recovery offering low maintenance and operational costs. They incorpo- rate carbon filters for chlorine removal, and sediment pre-filtration prior to the RO for a packaged unit that is ready to run out of the box.


  • Over 10 years of experience is reflected in our quality
  • Compact, Heavy Duty, Powder Coated Frame.
  • Proven components used throughout the system.
  • Conservatively engineered for reliable long term performance.
  • Factory tested to ensure trouble-free operation.

Why Puritech Company?

  • Over 10,000 commercial/industrial systems in operation.
  • From packaged systems to custom engineered Reverse Osmosis systems, we can take care of your needs.
  • We are one of the few companies that have the expertise to provide Reverse Osmosis systems for drinking water, boiler feed water, seawater, desalination, ultrapure water, USP water, and water reuse.
  • We stock more components for all sizes of RO systems than any other company.
  • We have earned an enviable reputation for our product quality, performance reliability and business integrity.


  • 20” Big Blue Carbon Block Filters (3pcs) 5/1 Micron Sediment Filter, GAC Filter
  • 4040 Length Thin Film Reverse Osmosis Membranes in SS Housings

Voltage Codes

  • 215 = 220/230v, 1ph, 50hz

Recommended Pre-Treatment Equipment:

All pretreatment equipment and SDI test kits are available from Applied Membranes.

  • Water Softener: Hardness must be removed if present in feed water prior to RO system to avoid scaling the membranes.
  • Multimedia filter: If feed water exceeds <1 NTU turbidity, or silt density index (SDI) of 3, media filter pretreatment recommended.
  • Systems rated at: 77°F (25°C) using 1000 ppm sodium chloride solution operating at approx. 200 psi.
  • Capacity Basis: 24 hrs/day
  • Minimum feed pressure to RO System: 40-60 PSI.
    RO System capacity changes significantly with water temperature


  • Thin Film Composite Membranes in SS Vessels
  • Blue Carbon block and 5M/1M Sediment Prefilters in Housings.
  • Automatic Inlet Feed Solenoid Valve
  • System & Recycle Control Valves
  • Low Pressure Pump Protection
  • High Pressure RO Pump
  • (4) Pressure Gauges: System Pressure, Concentrate Pressure, Filter In and Filter Out. (3) Panel Mounted Flow Meters: Permeate, Concentrate and Recycle Flow.
  • Powder Coated Carbon Steel Frame
  • Boxed and Palletized for Shipment
  • Automatic Microprocessor Controller
  • Monitors and/or Controls:
  • Inlet Valve
  • Low Pressure Switch
  • Feed Water Flush at System Shut-Down
  • Pre-Treatment Backwash/Lockout
  • System On/Off According to Tank Level
  • (Floats Purchased Separately)

Indicator Lights:

  • Low Pressure Shutdown/Auto Restart
  • Power On/ Pretreatment Lockout
  • Storage Tank Full/System Flush


  • Spot Free Rinse/Car Wash/Water Stores/Whole House/Hotels Breweries/Restaurants/Laboratories/Large Office/Institutions/Ice Makers/Humidification/Misting/Commercial Manufacturing/Rinse Water/And a wide variety of other applications


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