Puritech RD 800-1600 Reverse Osmosis Systems

Puritech Reverse Osmosis Systems feature an excellent pre-treatment design with high-quality components to offer high performance. Puritech systems are designed for high recovery rates and minimum energy consumption. Experience greater savings with lower maintenance and operation costs when you install a Puritech Reverse Osmosis System.


  • Specialized Micro-Computer Controller
  • Fully Equipped and Customizable
  • High Recovery Rate
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • High Flow Low-Energy Membranes
  • Low Maintenance
  • Compact Space Saving Design

Puritech compact commercial reverse osmosis system is a durable piece of equipment which, with proper care and maintenance will last for many years. RD series systems are part of a family of reverse osmosis units designed for operation with fresh and brackish feedwaters having TDS values below 2,000ppm. Models are available with permeate outputs of between 100 and 200 liters/hr as shown in the specifications tables.



Specifications/Models RD800 RD1600
Capacity GPD/LPH 800/120 1600/200
Working Pressure PSI/BAR 150-200/10-14
Pre-Filtration (20″ Filter Housing x 2) + (20″ PP Filter Cartridges 5µ + 1µ)
Booster Pump Rotary Van Pump + Motor (1HP)
Membrane Material T.F.C with FRP outer wrap
Size X Unit 2540 x 1 2540 x 2
Membrane Housing Material High-pressure FRP end port type
Size X Unit 2540 x 1 2540 x 2
Flow Meters Permeate / Concentrate
Pressure Gauges Feed water pressure / Booster pump outlet pressure gauges
Water quality indicator T.D.S meter with LCD
Electrical Controls Micro-computer control, overload breakers, LED indicators
Frame Electro-Polished Stainless steel 304
Weight 87 KG 101 KG



Turbidity (SDI) <5
T.D.S. < 2000 ppm
Temperature + 5 to + 40°C
Free Chlorine 0 ppm
pH 3 – 11
Iron < 0.01 ppm

Raw water source and quality is the key element that directly effect on the choice of pre-treatment equipment, pumps, piping, membranes…etc.

Puritech has been designing Reverse Osmosis systems, and their critical pretreatment equipment for over twenty years. Please don’t hesitate to send us your inquiry and see how ROTEK can help to meet your water treatment needs.

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