Puritech filtration equipment features an excellent design with high-quality components to offer high performance. Puritech systems are designed for the longest life span with minimum energy consumption. Experience greater savings with lower maintenance and operation costs when you install Puritech filtration equipment.

Advantages of Activated Carbon Filter

  • Chlorine Removal
  • Chlorine By-Products Removal such as THMs
  • Bad Tastes and Odors Removal
  • Turbidity Removal
  • Herbicides, Pesticides & Insecticides Removal
  • Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) Removal

Product Description:

Carbon filtering is a method of water purification that uses a piece of activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities, utilizing chemical adsorption. Each piece of carbon is designed to provide a large section of surface area, in order to allow contaminants the most possible exposure to the filter media. ROTEK carbon filters are most effective at removing chlorine, sediment, and
volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from water. Coal and coconut shell-based activated carbon with various sizes are available to choose from for different applications.


Model Media Volume Designed Flow Rate Control Valve In/Outlet Tank Dimension
MMF-1035 30 Liters 5.5GPM 17LPM 5600FT 3/4″ 10″ x 35″
MMF-1054 50 Liters 6.6GPM 25LPM 5600FT 3/4″ 10″ x 54″
MMF-1354 70 Liters 11GPM 42LPM 5600FT 3/4″ 13″ x 54″
MMF-1465 100 Liters 13.5GPM 50LPM WS1-TC 1″ 14″ x 65″
MMF-1665 120 Liters 20GPM 75LPM WS1-TC 1″ 16″ x 65″
MMF-1865 150 Liters 21.5GPM 80LPM 2850FT 1-1/2″ 18″ x 65″
MMF-2162 200 Liters 24GPM 92LPM 2850FT <1-1/2″ 21″ x 62″
MMF-2472 300 Liters 36GPM 137LPM 2850FT 1-1/2″ 24″ x 72″
MMF-3672 600 Liters 71.5GPM 270LPM 170 2″ 36″ x 72″

Product Material:

  • Control Valve: Fleck / Clack /Autotrol / Manual.
  • Tank: glass-fiber reinforced polyethylene.
  • Treating material: Coconut Shell Activated Carbon & Gravels
  • Distributor: PE

Working Conditions:

  • Max working pressure……………6 BAR
  • Min working pressure…………….2 BAR
  • Max working temperature…….50°C

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