1000L/H Smart Commercial alkaline water ionizer

1000L/H Smart Commercial alkaline water ionizer


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  1. Product Application area
    Application area: Farming, Agriculture, Industry, drinking water
    – To decrease antibiotic consumption obviously and reduce the cost of breeding.
    – To boost cattle’s resistance.
    Alkaline water for drinking or daily using & Agriculture, hotel
    Acid water for the medical profession
    For bottled water filling line use
    For industrial Use& livestock breeding
  2. Product specification:
    Production capacity: 2000L alkaline&acidic water, PH range 3.5 to 10 ORP:+450 to -600
    The output for the alkaline water:1000 liters/min
    The output for the acid water:1000 liters/min
    acidic & alkaline water ratio: between 2:1~1:2 (can be adjusted)
    Rated frequency: MAX 2 kW
    Dimension:760mm X 620mm X 1070mm
    Number of electrode tank :3 Pieces
    A lifetime of the plate:≧12000h
  3. Working environment:
    3.1 Tempreature:5℃~40℃
    3.2 Atmospheric Pressure:Normal pressure
    3.3 Water pressure:0.1MPa~0.3MPa
    3.4 Water source:Purified water ,TDS on 50-200ppm
  4. Characteristics and functions:
    4.1: From the Built-in Wifi remote management system(PLC), the administrator can view the working situation of the machine (Optional)
    4.2 Unit *12 plates 100% Ti-Pt coating commercial diaphragm electrolyzer chamber have a large electrolytic area, high power dc power supply, can Continuous working. can keep Strong electrolysis, meet the global water different condition, Long life, Constant pH value output
    4.3 Auto-cleaning: switch the positive and negative poles of electrolyzer Chamber 4.4. With functions of electrolytic strength adjust; Display alkaline and acidic electrolysis water flow rate; perfect automatic shutdown protection device for low water pressure and over-temperature, over current.
    4.5: Large LCD screen well noted working condition of the equipment, having a friendly human-machine interface.
    4.6. Smart power supply system.Perfect automatic shutdown protection device for low water pressure and over-temperature, over current.
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