2G/Hr ozone machine


Ozone is a powerful oxidant and bactericide. Lately, the ozone generator is widely used in air and water disinfection & sterilisation in different fields such as fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping, drinking water purification, room air purifying, etc.

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Portable Liquid Household Ozone Generator


2G/Hr Ozone Generator

Ozone is a powerful oxidant and bactericide. Lately, it is widely used in air and water disinfection & sterilization in different fields such as fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping, drinking water purification, room air purifying, etc.


  • Small cuboid design, stable to take and transport
  • High-quality stainless steel figure, durable and protect inside
  • Adapted longevity ceramic tube, long service life
  • Light weight, portable to be taken
  • Easy to operate, save time, and worry
  • Low energy consumption, environmentally friendly
  • Current displayable, the result is more intuitive
  • 120 min timer, free from repeating settings
  • Chinese/European/US plug support, adapt to different needs

The development of human society inevitably affects natural resources. As one of the cornerstones of human existence, water resources are becoming increasingly scarce. While saving water, we must also prevent water pollution. This ozone generator can help families solve the problem of mild drinking water pollution that may arise in life.

Water supply tank

Whether it is a water tank in a community or a private house, as a part of the supply of drinking water, it needs to be cleaned from time to time to avoid water pollution. Usually it needs to remove bacteria or breeding algae. In this case, this ozone generator can help solve the problem. When ozone is dissolved in water, it can kill bacteria or algae in the water. Using ozone water to clean the inner surface of the tank is also a good choice.

Water from the tap

Water from taps is not directly drinkable in many developing countries. Drinking raw water directly will slowly harm human health. One of the most harmful to humans is chlorine. The use of chlorine in water treatment is inevitable. Therefore, people usually treat it and remove it before drinking. Common methods are boiling and installing water purification equipment. This ozone device can not only decompose the chlorine remaining in the tap water, but also kill the bacteria and viruses that may be mixed in it.

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 35W
  • Injection Range: 20-50m3
  • Ozone Concentration: 15-25g/m3
  • Unit Dimensions: 23cm x 18cm x 46.5cm
  • Package Dimensions: 32cm x 26cm x 51cm
  • Net Weight: 5.1kg
  • Gross Weight: 5.9kg
  • Cooling Way: Air Cooling
  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Gas Feeding: Air Source
  • Air Pump Model: Air Pump 16L
  • Outer Flow: 16L
  • Chassis Material: Carbon Steel Spray Painted
  • Cooling Fans: 20W/12cm x 12cm x 3.8cm


  • Efficiently destroy a variety of bacteria and viruses, but without secondary pollution.
  • Effectively remove residual pesticides from vegetables and fruits.
  • Eliminate mold, smoke, and remove bad odor.
  • Improve the oxygen level for air and water.
  • Purifies the air and expedites human metabolism. Removes skin pore dirt, bacteria, and prevents freckles, acne, and pigmentation.


Operating Environment


  • Ambient Temperature: -10˚C ~37˚C
  • Ambient Humidity: ≤55%
  • There should be no flammable or explosive gas and conductive power dust in the room. It is not permittable to install the unit in a place where alkaline air is easy to leak or with a risk of an explosion that could occur.
  • The ground for equipment installation must be horizontal, and the equipment should be placed on the ground or steady supports
  • There must be a draft fan or air conditioner to keep the air dry and the operating environment in good ventilation.

Safety Notes

  • This series of products use a 220V/50Hz AC power source. If the voltage and frequency fluctuation range is heavy, this may cause damage and equipment failure.
  • The power cord plugs should keep in contact with the socket firmly. If not, this may cause abnormal electricity usage, and even cause electrocution.
  • Users should regularly check the power cord, and avoid standing or putting heavy objects on the power cord.
  • Please don’t use the unit in an environment that contains explosive products.
  • In operation, the machine uses high voltage. Don’t open the back door or touch the inside of the unit when it’s plugged in.
  • Avoid inside contact with water as this will damage the unit.

360˚ View Of The Ozone System


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