5-Stage Compact Domestic UF System


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Ultrafiltration can be used for the removal of particulates and macromolecules from raw water to produce potable water. It has been used to either replace existing secondary (coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation) and tertiary filtration (sand filtration and chlorination) systems employed in water treatment plants or as standalone systems in isolated regions with growing populations.

Technical Specifications

  • Power: Not Applicable
  • Required Water Pressure: 0.1 – 0.4 Mpa
  • Five stages filters: PP (5 microns) + GAC+CTO +UF + T33
  • UF Membrane Micron Size: 0.01µ
  • Flow rate: 150 LPH
  • Net Weight: 6kg
  • Dimensions (mm): 405x130x390



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