Taiwan 50GPD with pump

Taiwan 50GPD with pump


Under the Counter System provides safe, pure water using Reverse Osmosis Technology. It’s capable of removing over 90% of total dissolved solids, +99% of all organics and +99% of all bacteria. The system installs neatly under the sink. Comes with long reach faucet, storage tank, and necessary installation hardware.

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50GPD Domestic Reverse Osmosis System With Pump

The under-counter domestic reverse osmosis system is capable of removing over 90% of total dissolved solids, +99% of all organics and +99% of all bacteria.

The system installs neatly under the sink. Comes with long reach faucet, storage tank, and necessary installation hardware.

Product Specifications

Specifications: (boxed)

Dimensions: (inch) 17 x 18 x 20 (cm) 43.2 x 45.8 x 50.8
Weight: 30 lbs / 13.6 kg

Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Replacement filters: The manufacturer recommends to replace the filter elements according to the following chart.

Description Filter ID 6 months 1 year 2 years
Sediment 10PP x
Activated Carbon 10CTO x
Carbon block 10GAC x
Membrane 50GPD x
Post-carbon PAC x

Why Use The Reverse Osmosis System For Your Everyday Drinking Water?

Disease-causing chemicals found in row water


Now, where does it come from in water? It comes through old pipes and soldering. now we have basically removed it from our lives and we took it out of our paint in our cars, but when it is in our water it is perfectly alright now! That is just insane; here are some of the problems that we encounter.

First hyperactivity among our children, we have changed their diets, fitness program and their mental problem (extra classes). What is the one thing that we have not changed? The water is it not so (refer to Lead the Silent Killer) would you not agree, not changing this will be worse than changing? When would be the best time to change now or when it is too late?


Where do we get Fluoride from? They use fluoride in toothpaste. Now you get two types of fluoride, Organic, and Inorganic:

Organic fluoride comes from when a tree falls over and rots inside, there you get organic fluoride. The problem is there are not enough trees rotting for us to make toothpaste from so the man had to start making it artificially. Now I always say we don’t add enough baking powder or don’t leave it in the oven for long enough, but we can not always replicate Mother Nature 100%. If I invent something today I will not see what the implications will be in a 10 year period, we will have to wait and see after 10 years what we have found out.

That it is the biggest contributor of all types of CANCER (refer to file). If I invite you to a braai and I spray Doom over the meat would you join me or if I make a green salad with Rattax would you eat it? Why not? If we go and look now where will we find the doom? Out of reach of the children (refer to Dangers of Fluoride in your drinking water) now if you don’t want it on your food does it make sense getting it in through your water? Of course, not the best would be to change it wouldn’t you agree?


Now, who puts arsenic in the water? As you know that we are surrounded by gold mines and we further know more that all gold mines are in financial difficulties. They do not have enough money to clean out the water. So they pump it back into the mines which of course will lead to the water suffering through to our underwater streams and just remember that all water ends up in your tap.

I mean the water is 3000 years old that we are aware of. Do you have insurance on your car? Good, how many times do you pay it? (Monthly), Correct! But, how many times do you use it? Basically never right? But why do you have it then? For the simple reason Peace of Mind. What will happen if I give you a lot of arsenic today? You Die Today! If I give you a little bit every day, you will first Suffer then Die, correct so would you not agree with me that a water purifier will be the same as insurance on your life, the only difference is that you pay only once but you use it daily. Does it make sense to you, if given the change would you change?


The same as arsenic there are only three good things that come from a mine is gold, diamonds, and platinum, the rest they can keep.


Again we must understand that this is an inorganic calcium, in other words, we all know that the main ingredient of rocks is calcium, as water flows over rocks erosion takes place and the water absorbs the rock, now, unfortunately, your body doesn’t have a periodic table, so it can’t differentiate what is organic or not.

Your body works on the principle that you got a brain, so use it. If something can’t be absorbed in your body, you won’t use it. You won’t put anything else than the best petrol in your car. Why would it be any different in your life? As you know what sugar does to your car’s engine it also does to your joints. You have seen what peoples hands look like after it has been infected with arthritis and astrioperoses in your life? You would have consumed 70 kg of rocks, is it so hard to believe that 5 kg will stay behind; they say that prevention is better than cure. What’s your choice?

Known as the biggest KILLER. The problem is the following; firstly it causes cholesterol (refer to the proof book) if you are going to play with fire you will get burnt, isn’t it? Now, why is it in the water?

Chlorine kills bacteria which is the real bad ones that cause typhoid and diarrhea etc. but isn’t bacteria, not just small living organisms? Now if it can kill a small living organism it will definitely damage a big one? Because it kills living things it will obviously Attack your Vitamins and Minerals.

The vitamin that gets hit the hardest is Vitamin E, what happens is that every person is born with Cancer and that there are two kinds of Cancer:
Active and Non-active which is not completely true, you get a covered and uncovered cancer look in your body. You have a cancer cell that is covered with a layer of Vitamin E if you don’t eat correctly, drink, smoke, this layer gets destroyed and cancer gets uncovered. How much cancer do you need to die? It only takes one cell because CANCER MULTIPLIES ONCE ACTIVATED.

Let’s say I give you this container and tell you that if you open it, it will give your family a 50% bigger chance to get cancer, Will you open it? Why not? Yes, I agree you will not willingly shoot your family in the foot, if there was just a chance the odds will still be against you (refer to file Chlorine in Drinking water).

If you knew that the problem was this big you would have done something to it by now. Now that you know, there is something which you are going to do about it?


Nitrates get absorbed from decomposition, in other words, it is food for plants, now nature has a perfect balance, whatever nature use we can’t and visa Versa. Now if we get life and energy from minerals and vitamins, what will the direct opposite do?
Give your tiredness and failure to strive, now isn’t it a global problem these days after 2007 years and numerous failures wouldn’t you agree there is really only one thing left to do change? Your water isn’t it?


How does aluminum land up in your water? Well, it works like this, if I take dam water and make it drinkable, what would it look like? Still dam water!
Now if there were a stream of dam water coming out your tap would you drink it? of course not! They add aluminum, which gives it sparkle and you Peace of Mind.

Your mind is so peaceful that it forgets that aluminum is there. Aluminum leads to Alzheimer’s disease. If I had to tell you if you cross the road today you will be killed, will you do it? Of course not! Now that you know that aluminum is the cause of Alzheimer’s disease will you keep on drinking it? Not an excellent choice!

This is a metal that comes into your body and destroys your nervous system because your whole body works on electrical impulses.

Putting a piece of metal in there would give the same effect as putting a piece of metal in your car’s fuse box. It shorts out the system. It is even worse if you are still forming because when the body is still forming, it will form around it and it becomes a problem for life. When will be the best time to change it for the better? Now or later.

Just always remember that health and happiness go hand in hand it doesn’t matter if you are rich or not, if you are not healthy you are not happy which one of these options will bring health and happiness into your home?
I agree with you it can only be the PURE OPTION.


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