10″ Std Carbon Fiber Filter


Activated carbon can filter out residual chlorine and odor, while the activated carbon fibers have a better adsorption effect and longer service life.

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What is A Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a “fibrous carbon substance having a fine graphite crystal structure” which is composed mainly of carbon and manufactured by carbonizing acryl fibers, oil, and carbon by a special heat-treatment process. It is generally said to be a “light, strong, corrosion-resistant” advanced functional material. It is widely used in diverse applications, taking advantage of its combination of properties as a lightweight material with excellent mechanical properties, and its excellent properties as a carbon material.

Activated CarbonFiber is manufactured by enlarging the specific surface area of CarbonFiber by activating treatment. Activated carbon fiber is applied for various products as advanced adsorption material by utilizing its characteristics.

  • Carbon Fiber used for use as a water purification materials (as a contact media) CarbonFiber which is used for use as a water purification materials are given a special surface treatment. It is PAN type (manufactured by carbonizing polyacrylonitrile which is manufactured to cause the fibers to expand in water, different from general industrial use. Carbon fibers for water purification consist of bundles of 12,000 or 15,000 ultra-fine, 7μm filaments.
  • Water purification using carbon fiber is an economical and effective method. And it is a low environmental impact.
  • Active biofilm is formed by the high affinity of carbon fiber, and its microorganisms decompose contaminants.
  • CarbonFiber activates microorganisms and gathers fishes. Carbon fiber exercises seaweed bed function.

Why Activated Carbon Fiber Filter

Activated carbon can filter out residual chlorine and odor, while the activated carbon fiber filter has a better adsorption effect and longer service life.

As the surface of activated carbon fibers has a large number of fine pores within the surface area, adsorption speed is very fast, is granular activated carbon, or carbon block 5~10 times.

Functions of Carbon Fiber

  • Mechanism of water purification
    Water purification by CarbonFiber is performed by pollutant capturing ability from the large specific surface of Carbon Fiber’s ultra-fine filaments and biofilm formed by effective microorganisms decompose pollutants. This mechanism of water purification is a biofilm treatment method which is one of the wastewater treatment methods using CarobonFiber as a contact media.

We adopt domestic advanced technology, use efficiently adsorbent materials – carbon fiber and polymer composites as the material, made into various types of filter elements through a special process, which can effectively remove the organic matter in water, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances, and a decolorization, in addition to the effectiveness of smell. Overcome the poor strength of carbon fiber, activated carbon fiber filter element is easy to fall off, and so on.

It is Non-toxic, tasteless, acid-proof, and alkali-resisting.

It is mainly used for industrial water purification filters and effectively remove the water odor and chemical contaminants. It can be used in industries of filtration and purification, such as drinking water, industrial circulating cooling water, boiler water, ultrapure water security filters, medical, chemical filtration, and so on.

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