Agua Topone YS Series UV Sterilizer With Flow Sensor


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The Agua Topone YS Series UV Sterilizer With Flow Sensor

Agua Topone YS Series UV Sterilizer With Flow Sensor – The system has all the necessary accessories and a water flow switch with a delay timer. The UV lamp will turn off automatically after 600 seconds (adjustable) if there is no water flow in the UV chamber.

Our Agua Topone latest UV technology UV disinfection unit has an additional flow switch and delays timer. The number displayed on the screen of the UV ballast after power-on is the delay time after the water is turned off. You can set the delay time according to your requirement. Our initial setup is 600 seconds. You can set it at 0-999 seconds.


  • When there is water flow in the UV chamber, the UV light will turn on automatically. 254nm UV light can destroy the molecular structure of DNA and RNA in microbial cells in the water, an ultraviolet disinfection system can kill the bacteria without adding any chemicals.


  • UV disinfection wastewater
  • The water won’t be hot again.
  • Prolonged the UV lamp life and o-ring life
  • More economical and more environmentally as it helps you save the bills of electricity cost, lamp replacement costs, etc.


  • You can receive a complete system that is ready to stall. Water flows through the UV well water treatment systems without the need for a holding tank or reaction times.


  • High-stability electronic ballast, UV Lamp failure alarm.
  • Reliable High-Performance UV Lamp, rigorously tested to provide consistent output over the entire lamp life.
  • Automatically cuts power off when there is no water flowing
  • With the small footprint of the point-of-use, the single-tap system offers a reliable and economical way to treat drinking water in any residential application.
  • UV chamber with great welding process which enables to pass 1.04 MPa 100000 times water hammer test.
  • LED UV Lamp

Water Quality Requirements

  • Maximum operating pressure: 0.7 MPa (116psi)
  • Ambient water temperature: 2 – 40˚C (36 – 104˚F)
  • Water flowrate: >5ml/sec (The lamp turns on)
  • Water flowrate: <1.6ml/sec (The lamp turns off)
  • Iron (Fe): <0.3ppm (0.3mg/l)
  • Hardness (CaCO3): <7gpg (120mg/l)
  • Turbidity: <1 NTU
  • UV transmittance: >75% UV dose: ≥30mJ/cm2


  • Tap Water
  • Sanitary Water Disinfection
  • Coffee Machines
  • Drinking Water Systems


Model Flow rate Reactor dimension In/outlet port Package size(cm) Lamp power
SSE-006YS 224LPH 260*50.8mm 1/4” (6.35) quick-fitting 47*39*58.5 12w