Aqucell UF Membrane

Aqucell UF Membrane


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Aqucell UF Membrane

Aqucell modified PVC hollow fiber adopt unique membrane production process, its mechanical strength can reach up to 1.51Mpa, elongation resistance can reach 52%, and bursting strength can reach 1.3 Mpa, which prevents it from breakage, and ensures stable running of hollow fiber under various complicated working conditions, thus ensure high quality product water. The dense cortex microporous of Aqucell hollow fiber is an inverted V, the surface pore for stable filtration is small, while the support layer pores are big, so pollutants can’t go inside the support layer, which avoid fouling, and simultaneously improved membrane cleaning recovery effect.

The porosity of Aqucell hollow fiber is more than 90%,its filtration water channel is quite intensive, and there are over tens of thousands micro-pore filtration channels within 1cm membrane. Its pore quantity per unit membrane area is higher than the same kind of products, which ensures filtration precision and increases output flux. PVC is one of the world’s three major chemical raw materials, with stable quality and performance. The membrane service life, flux, strength and filtration precision etc. are better than the same kind of products, and it has the advantage of cost performance.

Main Features Of AQU-90:

  1. End-cap hemisphere bulging structure can withstand higher pressure.
  2. Anti-impact UPVC housing with 1mm thicker, can withstand pressure above 1.6Mpa, and avoid leakage due to long term usage that cause change in housing material.
  3. End-cap casting layer adopt non-degumming structure, which ensures connection and sealing between epoxy resin and end-cap.
Model No. Dimension Active Membrane Area
AQU-90 Φ90×1210 mm 4.1 m²

Main Features AQU-160:

  1. End-cap with clamp structure, can withstand pressure above 1.6Mpa.
  2. 5 compartmental fan-shaped hollow fiber composition technology ensures even water distribution within the housing.
  3. Anti-aging, acid & alkali resistant UPVC housing can be widely used in various working conditions.
Model No. Dimension Active Membrane Area

Φ160×1420 mm

16.9 m²

Main Features Of AQU-200:

  1. 10mm Housing thickness, can withstand pressure above 1Mpa.
  2. Water output end with block design buffers backwash pressure ,prevent the impact on hollow fiber during backwash.
  3. Modified bundling plus split charging technology ensures even water .
Model No. Dimension Active Membrane Area

Φ200×1481 mm

25.5 m²

Main Features Of AQU-250

  1. End-cap can withstand bursting pressure above 1.6Mpa.
  2. Efficient backwash through central pipe with even water distribution.
  3. 6 compartmental fan-shaped partition enables better distribution of water and pressure, thus get efficient backwash .
  4. Double sealing joint structure prevent leakage effectively.
  5. 304 stainless steel clamp prevent water leakage and bursting.
  6. International standard quick-connect victaulic-style clamp.
  7. High quality adhesive imported from USA, ensures no leakage and non-degumming.
  8. End of casting layer adopt non-degumming design structure.
  9. Sealing material: epoxy resin.
Model No. Dimension Active Membrane Area

Φ250×1402 mm

32.7 m²


Φ250×1740 mm

43.1 m²


Φ250×2018 mm

54.3 m²

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UF Membrane AQU-90, UF Membrane AQU-160, UF Membrane AQU-200, UF Membrane AQU-250A 250*1402, UF Membrane AQU-250B 250*1740


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