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The bag filter housing is also named filter vessel, including single filter housing and multi-bag filter housing. It offers a wide range of filter housing designs with high flow capacities and contaminant holding capabilities, such as stainless steel filter housing, #2 filter housing, liquid filter housing, bag filters for water treatment.

The filter housing is mirror polished to resist the adhesion of dirt and scale. Rapid opening and closing lids ensure simple operation with minimally used filter housing downtime for filter bag change-out. Side inlet and bottom outlet of stainless steel filter housing provide easy and complete drainage.

As a leading bag filter housing manufacturer globally, standard filter housings handle flows up to 6,000 GPM. If that’s not big enough, we can custom filter housing sizes with various filter bags to meet your needs. The stainless steel filter housings also offer some special options: Different Outlet Connections, Higher Pressure Ratings, Extra- Length Legs, High Flow Rates, Special Materials…


  • Material: carbon, SS304, SS316, SS316L
  • Swing bolt closure allows for quick bag change out
  • Work pressure up to 1.5 Mpa with 250°F
  • Surface treatment: mirror polishing
  • Filtration precision: 0.5um-200um
  • Configurations: side-in/side-out and side-in/bottom-out
  • Housing volume is optimized to minimize product loss.
  • High temperature & High-pressure designs are available.
  • Quick access bag replacement
  • High flow rates with a low-pressure drop
  • Positive O-ring sealing offers easy and safe operation.
  • Optional 134 epoxy coating for seawater/corrosive applications
  • Special requests: duplex type, adjustable-height legs, mounted on pedestal…

Applications Of A Bag Filter Housing

  • Municipal water treatment
  • Borehole water treatment
  • Dam water treatment
  • River water treatment
  • Sea Water treatment

When looking for a cost-effective single-bag filter vessel that is both durable and reliable, look to the Puritech series vessels. You can still realize the benefits of an economic filter vessel that is manufactured to the same high standards and engineering expertise that characterizes all of our other FSI vessels.

Value-Added Features

  • Side inlet piping connections
  • Sizes for #01 single or #02 double-length filter bags
  • Stainless steel basket
  • 2″ NPT threaded piping connections
  • Maximum operating pressure of 100 psi
  • The maximum operating temperature of 200F
  • Concave cover with V-clamp closure
  • Type 304 stainless steel construction

Available Options

  • Adjustable mounting legs

High-quality, economical filter housings for cost-sensitive applications up to 100 psi. For cost-sensitive applications, you can now take advantage of a stainless steel vessel from Puritech at a price that compares to carbon steel. Even if your application may not now require stainless steel, you can still take advantage of the superior corrosion resistance and consistent performance you’ll get over the years. Should your process parameters change in the future, you’ll avoid the cost and hassle of an expensive upgrade from carbon steel. The Filter Bag Housing saves operating costs, too, with its simple, easy-to-operate V-clamp closure that makes bag changeouts quick and easy.