100L Brine Tank with Valve


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Brine Tank 100 Liters

Salt Tank / Salt Tank Softener 100 Liter is a salt tank with a capacity of 100 Liter which functions as a salt container where the salt is usually used to regenerate softener / Ion Exchange Resin (Resin Cation).

In a water treatment system, salt is needed to regenerate the media which is often called Ion Exchange Resin (Resin Cation). Media softener / Ion Exchange Resin (Resin Cation) will reduce the level of hardness in water which can cause a white crust, by capturing Calcium and Magnesium ions until the softener media reaches its saturation point.

If it is saturated, the cation resin must be activated/regenerated again so that it can be used again.

The way to activate/regenerate the cation resin is by using industrial salt, then the function of the Salt Tank / Salt Softener Tank is to regenerate the cation resin which is filled with melted salt inside.


  1. Due to the conic body, brine tanks can be packed one by one to any height, which saves over 70% freight for the buyers.
  2. For brine tanks 350L-2000L, each tank is designed with a small lid on a large cover. It is more convenient for users to put salt into the tank.
  3. For brine tanks 350-2000, the salt well in the tank is extended upward to the top of the large cover, so that the effective capacity of the salt solution is increased by over 15%.
  4. For new exterior design and precise mold, the quality of the product has been greatly improved.

Brine Tank Specifications

Model BT100
Volume 100L
Brine Tank Size (D H) 382*382*880mm
Carton Box Packing (W D H) 405*405*1530mm
Plastic Bag Packing (W D H) 425*425*1550mm
Packing 5pcs/pack
Standard Specification Brine Well, Grid

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 34 × 35 × 74 cm