What is the Chloritab?

It is Chlorine Dioxide in a tablet form in a 2ppm concentration and a 20g offering that can disinfect and kill bacteria like Cholera in our drinking water.

Where has it been used before?

Since the outbreak of Covid19, this has been successfully used as a disinfectant in drinking water for countries like Australia, Beijing, Canada, China, India, and USA, and more than 100 countries globally and are approved by European Union and WHO.


  • Food Grade (Certificate provided on request)
  • Safe for Humans and Animals (CAS No 10049-04-4)
  • One (1) year lifespan unopened

Where can we use this?

  • Currently, the offering is for the JOJO Tank sizes 1000-5000Litres only.

Application in the relevant JOJO Tank

  • 1 x 20g Chloritab for 1000litre tank
  • 2 x 20g Chloritab for 2000litre tank
  • 3 x 20g Chloritab for 3000litre tank
  • 4 x 20g Chloritab for 4000litre tank
  • 5 x 20g Chloritab for 5000litre tank

Effectiveness in the JOJO Tank/s

  • An effervescent type that dissolves and disinfects in 2-5 minutes when in contact with water and then is ready to use.
  • Disinfection lasts up to 2 weeks in the applied relevant-sized JOJO tank/s water.
  • After this time passes the product loses its effectiveness of disinfection, so needed is the Chloritab tablet/s applied to the relevant JOJO tank/s as per size (look at the application heading above for relevance).


  • 1 x 20g at 2ppm concentration Chlorine Dioxide


  • 1 x bucket compromises of 25 x 20g


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