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Pro-Pumps Automatic Pump Control and Pressure Flow Switch

Pressure Flow control switches were designed for easy pump automation in situations requiring regulated flow and pressure.

They are traditionally applied to centrifugal pumps to create a ‘pressure booster set’. This set then is an automatic on-off & pressure regulation unit, set to deliver a specific flow for a specific demand.

As each unit is governed by the size of the Pump motor, their specification on flow and pressure vary from application to application. However, they are limited in terms of their maximum output tolerances.

Although these units are adjustable, in certain instances, self-adjustment is not advised for safety when in operation.


  • Versatility
  • Automatic starting and stopping
  • Water Shortage Protection
  • Simplicity
  • Display of each function by means of lighted indicator lights and pressure gauge
  • Reliability:
  • Internal Components Resistant to Corrosion


  • Flow Up to: 100L/min or 10m3 / h
  • Max Current: 10 A
  • Max Operating Pressure: 10 bar
  • Single phase, 220 – 240V 50Hz
  • Multi-use design with IP 65 protection
  • Replaceable PC board

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  • Pump Controller