400G Pump Diaphragm


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400G Pump Diaphragm

  • The diaphragm (membrane-seal) is part of the pump head.
  • Seals valve block, the lower base, and the pump head cover.
  • Also, actually separates the water from the assembly of the electric motor.
  • Over time, should the diaphragm lose its elasticity, it will decrease the performance pressure pump and create an issue of possible leakage between the lower base and the cover.
  • When the diaphragm is filled with a burst of bearing heads, possible ingress of water into the motor with all its consequences.
  • It is the most replaceable part of the booster pump.
  • Material production: non-porous vulcanized rubber.
  • The average service life of the membrane-sealing is 3 – 4 years under normal use of the pump in the household reverse osmosis system.


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