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How does it work?

The compressed water storage tank is assembled using a virgin polypropylene liner, high-grade Chlorobutyl diaphragm, and patent stainless steel water connection. In addition, every diaphragm is post cured to remove any harmful materials or chemicals prior to assembly. This ensures tasteless, odorless, and contaminant-free water, so you know that when you use the tank, you only get pure pristine water when filling your glass.

With regards to the structural integrity, deep drawn steel domes and precision weld seams give RO tanks unparalleled reliability. To be sure, the tanks are quality tested at multiple stages in the production process to ensure the integrity of every tank.

Pre-pressurized tanks are perfect for use in under-sink water storage with your reverse osmosis system. The RO process is on the slower side, so a pressurized storage tank is typically required to supply water from the system on demand. Your RO system will fill the tank to capacity, and when you open your RO water dispenser, the water is sent out by the tank’s pressurized air bladder

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Compressed Water Storage Tank


  • All tanks have a maximum working pressure of 100 psi.
  • All of our metal tanks pass pressure tests before we ship them out to customers.
  • Unlike traditional plastic, stainless steel that does not break or strip easily is used in our tank valve thread and pressure check valve.
  • Pre-pressurized tanks are manufactured to comply strictly with FDA standard (CFR – Part 177, 2018)
  • Pre-pressurized tanks are tested by an independent third party against NSF/ANSI standard (61 for Drinking Water System Components) for material safety and structural integrity requirements, 2018.


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