RUNXIN F63C1 Automatic Softener

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RUNXIN Automatic Softener

RUNXIN Automatic Softener

Product Overview

  1. Main Application And Applicability
    Used for softening or demineralization of water treatment systems.
    It is suitable for the residential softening system.

    • Ion Exchange Equipment
    • Boiler softening water system
    • RO Pretreatment softening system, etc.
  2. Product Characteristics
    • Simple structure and reliable sealingIt adopts hermetic head faces with a high degree of pottery and corrosion resistance for opening and closing. It combines Service, Backwash, Brine & Slow Rinse, Brine Refill, and Fast Rinse.
    • No water passes the valve in regeneration in the single tank type.
    • Manual functionRealize regeneration immediately by pressing “Manual/Return” at any time.
    • Long outage indicatorIf an outage overrides 3 days, the time of day indicator “12:12” will flash to remind people to reset the new time of day. The other set of parameters does not need to reset. The process will continue to work after the power is on.
    • LED dynamic screen displayThe stripe on the dynamic screen flash indicates the control valve is in service, otherwise, it is in the regeneration cycle.
    • Buttons lockNo operations to buttons on the controller within 1 minute, button lock indicator lights on which represent buttons are locked. Before the operation, press and hold the “Up” and“Down” buttons for 5 seconds to unlock. This function can avoid incorrect operation.
    • Interval backwash times (Suitable for F68)It could set up interval backwash times for the F68 up-flow regeneration valve which means several times of services but one time of backwash. The setting of interval backwash time depends on the local water turbidity. (The lower the turbidity is, the longer of the interval backwash time can be set)
    • It can choose time clock type or meter type by program selectionWhen all symbols light on, press and hold the “Menu/Confirm” and “Manual/Return” buttons for 5 seconds to enter the menu of valve model selection. Please set the program type in accordance with the product type. (Time clock type by days or hours or meter type) (Note: The meter type product has one flow meter and probe wire, but the time clock type doesn’t have).
    • Four kinds of meter types can be selected ( Suitable for F63C3, F63G3, F68C3, F68G3)
    Model Name Instruction
    A-01 Meter Delayed It will not regenerate although the available volume of treated water drops to zero (0). Regeneration will start at the regeneration time.
    A-02 Meter Immediate Regenerate immediately when the available volume of treated water drops to zero(0).
    A-03 Intelligent Meter Delayed Meter Delayed Regeneration type, by setting resin volume, feed water hardness, and regeneration factor, the controller will calculate the system capacity.
    A-04 Intelligent Meter Immediate Meter Immediately Regeneration Type, by setting resin volume, feed water hardness, and regeneration factor, the controller will calculate the system capacity.
    • There are two kinds of regeneration modes for the time clock typeWhen the program is set to time clock type by days (Such as F63C1, F68C1, etc.) it can be changed to be by hours by dialing the red switch on the main control board to “1” (Refer to the figure in P18). Pointing to “ON” means the time clock type service by days. (Note: After dialing the switch, please restart the power)
    • Interlock function

    It has the interlock function to realize only one valve in regeneration but the other valves are in service while several valves are parallel in the system. In multi-step treatment systems such as RO pre-treatment, when several valves are in series, there is only one valve in regeneration or washing to ensure passing water all the time while different valves are in regeneration or washing.