RUNXIN F77AS Manual Softener Valve 2″ 4″/ 18(m3/H)

RUNXIN F77AS Manual Softener Valve 2″ 4″/ 18(m3/H)


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F77AS Manual Softener Valve

Technical Parameters:

  • Water Pressure: 0.2—0.6MPa
  • Water Temperature: 5℃-50℃
  • Water Turbidity: <2FTU
  • Inlet/Outlet: 2″M
  • Drain: 2″M
  • Brine Line Connector: 3/4″M
  • Base: 4″-8UN
  • Riser Pipe: 1.5″D-GB
  • Max Flow Rate: 15 m3/h
  • Suitable Tank Size (in): 14″~42″

Product Characteristics:

  • It adopts hermetic head faces with high degree pottery and corrosion resistance for opening and closing.
  • No water passes the valve of single tank type in regeneration
  • Brine refill controlled by a manual ball valve
  • Various ways of installation: it can be top mounted or side-mounted

Range of Application:

  • (Down-flow Regeneration) be suitable for the Ion exchange equipment that treats water hardness ≤6.5mmol/L
  • Boiler softening water system
  • RO pretreatment softening system, etc


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