RUNXIN F77B Automatic Filter Valve 2″ 4″/ 18(m3/H)

RUNXIN F77B Automatic Filter Valve 2″ 4″/ 18(m3/H)


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RUNXIN F77B Automatic Filter Valve 2″ 4″/ 18(m3/H)

Technical Parameters:

  • Water Pressure————————————————0.15—0.6MPa
  • Water Temperature——————————————-5℃-50℃
  • Transformer Output——————————————-DC24V、1.5A
  • Water Turbidity————————————————<20FTU
  • Inlet/Outlet——————————————————-2″M
  • Drain————————————————————–2″M
  • Base—————————————————————4″-8UN
  • Riser Pipe——————————————————–1.5 ″D-GB
  • Max Flow Rate—————————————————18 m3/h
  • Suitable Tank Size (in)—————————————–24″~30″

Product Characteristics:

  • It adopts hermetic head faces with high degree pottery and corrosion resistance for opening and closing.
  • LED dynamic screen display LED.The stripe on dynamic screen flash, it indicates the control valve is in service, otherwise, it is in rinse cycle.
  • Having long outage indicator
  • It could set up rinsing frequence
  • Buttons are locked when no operation within 1 minute
  • Having interlock function
  • With signal output connector
  • With remote handling input connector
  • With pressure relief connector
  • All parameters can be modified according to the need

Range of Application:

  • Residential filtration system
  • Swimming pool filtration equipment
  • Active carbon or sand filter in RO pretreatment filtration system


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