Self-Priming JET Pump SGJS800 Puritech Brand


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Self-Priming JET Pump SGJS800 Puritech Brand

Self-Priming JET Pump SGJS800 Puritech Brand

Uses And Installations

They are recommended for pumping clean water without abrasive particles, and liquids that are chemically nonaggressive for the materials of which the pump is made.

Due to their reliability, simplicity of use, and economy, they are suitable for domestic use and in particular for distributing water in combination with small autoclaves, for irrigating applications. The pumps must be installed in enclosed places, or at least protected against inclement weather.

Construction Characteristics of Self-Priming JET Pump SGJS800 Puritech Brand

  • Jet Pump Body: Cast Iron
  • Impeller: Brass, with radial peripheral vanes.
  • Motor Shaft: 45# steel or stainless steel 304
  • Mechanical Seal: Ceramic – Graphite
  • Electric Motor: Single-phase with condenser and thermal overload protector built into the copper winding.
  • Insulation: Class B
  • Protection: IP 44

Limits Of Use

  • Suction height up to 9 m
  • Liquid temperature up to + 40°C
  • Environmental temperature up to + 40°C

Technical Data

Model Power Max. Head Max. F Size Suct. Max. Dimensions NW
KW HP m L/min m3/h Inch m (LxWxH) mm kg
SGJS800 0.8 1.1 42 50 3.0 1″ x 1″ 9 395*225*235 9.0


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