Shimge Water Pump BWI 4-6


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Shimge Water Pump BWI 4-6

Shimge Water Pump BWI 4-6 – For use as the Raw water Pump with our 250 and 500 LPH RO


Application Limits◎ Thin, clean, non-combustible, and non-explosive liquid containing no solid particle or fiber
◎ Applicable to deliver tap water, alkaline mineral water, softened water or mildly-corrosive medium
◎ The use of a large-power motor must be considered when the density or viscosity of the medium delivered is higher than that of water.
◎ Medium temperature: 0℃ -68℃ for normal temperature type; 0℃ -120℃ for hot water type
◎ Ambient temperature: -15℃ -+40℃; maximum operating pressure: 1.0MPa

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