Convection Healthy Cooking Oven

Convection Healthy Cooking Oven




This is the world’s best healthy cooking oven design for preparing healthy, nongreasy meals for your family. The oven is designed for turbo cooking uses superheated convection to force out all access fat from food and locks in the moisture to prevent food from drying out.

  • The world’s only safety glass designed and developed for turbo cooking.
  • Multifunctional convection oven
  • Roast, steam, fry or bake your favorite foods
  • Large capacity to feed the whole family
  • Adjustable temperature control and 60-minute timer
  • Comes with a steamer tray with high and low rack, and tongs
  • Easy to clean glass bowl


Fast, Fat-Free Cooking

  • Healthier – No Fat required
    The oven provides fast fat-free cooking every time. The superheated convection forces out all excess saturated fats providing you with instant low-fat food.
  • Better tasting food
    The oven is designed to instantly heat and seal your food locking in the moisture, giving you succulent juicy meals every time. The oven is able to replace your traditional oven and is a natural alternative to your microwave.
  • Easy To Clean
    The oven self washes, amazing but true – just add water and detergent. No more cleaning chemicals required and you don’t have to stick your head in a dirty old oven again.


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