Filter cartridge improves water quality and protects the purification system with high purification efficiency. For the difference in water quality, the filter life span is different.

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What is Alkaline Water

Do you understand the term ionization of water? In fact, that is a technique in which the water is broken into ions or separated into ions. Both basic as well as acidic ions are present in the water and are separated from one another by the electrolysis phenomenon.

A water ionizer separates the alkaline ions from the acidic ions and it is because of its function that it is named an alkaline water ionizer. It works in all the situations and but the situation of filtered water or water that has been processed through the RO system comes into view. In such a situation with lesser mineral content the ionizing effect of the electrolysis phenomenon is minimized to zero.

The processing or operation of an alkaline post filter begins from the translation of large water clusters into the ones of comparatively mini size so that they can be easily digested by the body cells. Because of the anti-oxidant nature of the operation, it manages the cells to keep healthy.

Wrinkled-free and young skin is maintained if you consume ionized water regularly this is because the body cells are rinsed with water rich in alkaline ions (that have accurate pH value) which plays an important role in maintaining the nature and looks of the skin. With the consumption of ionized and alkaline water the threat of cancer and other diseases.

Specification Of the Alkaline Post Filter

Product T33 Filter Cartridge Temperature 0 ~ 45ºC
Size 10 Inch Filter Type Big T33
Material PVC Application Water purification
Pressure 125Psi Packing 50Pcs/Ctn
Filter Fitness 0.1μm Pore Size 1/4″


  1. shut off the water supply.
  2. note the flow direction on the filter.
  3. connect the supply pipe to the inlet side of the filter, tighten firmly. Use two wrenches to tighten tubing.
  4. flush 4 Gallons of water through the filter.
  5. shut off water connect filter outlet to supply line tighten firmly use two wrenches.
  6. turn on the water check for any leaking possibilities tightens fittings if leaks occur.

Filter cartridge improves water quality and protects the purification system with high purification efficiency. For the difference in water quality, the filter life span is different. In general, the PP filter cartridge should be replaced every 3 months, activated carbon filter cartridge every 6 months.


  • [Added Body Minerals]: Alkaline mineral filter can efficiently increase water alkalinity, add Calcium, Potassium, magnesium, and other minerals your body needs right in your water.
  • [Increase Water pH]: The alkaline filter improves the pH value of the RO water which could be slightly acid after the reverse osmosis process. The filtered water has a PH value of 7-8.5, which helps minimize the fluctuations of your body’s ph.
  • [Standard Size]: The Alkaline pH filter with standard size: 10″ x 2″. 1/4 quick connection fits most under-sink water filter or reverse osmosis systems.
  • [Easy Installation]: Inline Alkaline filter cartridge built-in 1/4 inch (JG) quick connections in both two ends of the filter. The quick connection fittings for easy leak-free installation.
  • [Long Life Span]: Our Inline Alkaline Filter normally lasts about 6-12 months, depending on your water quality and usage amount.


  • Item Type: Alkaline Mineral Filter
  • Size: 10″ x 2″
  • Connections: 1/4″ Quick connections
  • Max. Pressure: 80 psi
  • Max Temperature: 100°F (°C)
  • Material: Tourmaline, Muyu Stone, Far-infrared activated ball, Anion ball
  • Lifetime: Replace the cartridge every 6 months or earlier–Depending on your water quality.

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