UF Membrane AQU-250B


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UF Membrane AQU-250B

Ultrafiltration Components Parameters

Model No. AQU-250PAN AQU-250PS AQU-250PP AQU-250PVDF
Size Φ250X1713mm Φ250X1713mm Φ250X1713mm Φ250X1713mm
Hollow fiber material PAN PS PP PVDF
Hollow fiber ID/OD 1.0mm / 1.6mm 1.0mm / 1.6mm 0.4mm / 0.5mm 0.7mm / 1.3mm
MWCO (Daltons) 50k~100k 10k~100k 50k~100k 100k~200k
Membrane area 48m2 48m2 90m2 76m2
Filtration method Inside-out Outside-in
Initial flux L/H, 0.1mpa, 25˚C pure water as feed >11000 >11000 >15300 >15000
Designed water flux 40-120L/m2/h 40-80L/m2/h
End seal material Epoxy resins
Housing material UPVC
Connection/Pipe Coupling connection DN50 / PVC Pipe ID. 50mm
Max. Feed pressure 0.3mpa 0.3mpa 0.3mpa 0.25mpa
Max. trans-membrane pressure 0.2mpa 0.2mpa 0.2mpa 0.15mpa
Normal trans-membrane pressure 0.02-0.15mpa 0.02-0.15mpa 0.02-0.15mpa 0.01-0.1mpa
Feed turbidity <50ntu
Permeate turbidity <0.1ntu
Max. working temperature 5-45˚C
PH range 3-9 2-12 1-14 2-13
Microorganism, pathogen 99.99% Removal


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