1000LPH UF Manual Control


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1000LPH UF Manual Control | Ultra Filtration System

Ultra Filtration System

Product Features

  • Inlet pressure: below 3bar
  • Backwashing pressure: 2bar
  • Produce capacity: 1000L/H
  • Operating type: full manual, no automatic

Product Parts

  • Product water valve
  • Backwashing inlet water valve
  • Inlet valve
  • Rinse drain water valve
  • Backwashing drain water valve
  • Produce water flow meter
  • Wastewater flow meter

Ultra Filtration System

How to run the machine?

Before start operating the machine, there are 3 connection should be done :

    1. Connect the raw water, from the 3 stages blue filter housing, the size is 1’’;
    2. Connect product water tank or water use site from the pipe of the produced water flow meter, the size is 1’’;
    3. Connect the wastewater pipe from the pipe with a wastewater flow meter, for recycle, or drain out;

    Operating :

    • When the system working, open the valve: inlet valve/product water valve;
    • Close others 3 valves,
    • When the system process backwashing, open the valve: backwashing inlet valve, and the backwashing drain valve.
    • Backwashing frequency: 1 week 1 time ;
    • Time of backwashing: 1 time 20-30mins






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