Aqua Giant Water Fountain


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Technical Specifications Of AQUA GIANT WATER FOUNTAIN

Aqua Giant Water Fountain


    • Plumbed in the water fountain
    • Stainless Steel
    • Compressor cooled
    • 8 liters cold water per hour
    • Cooling Temp 6⁰C – 10⁰C
    • Bubbler connected to Chill tank
    • 2 stage filtration system
    • Gooseneck and water bubbler
    • Pressure-regulating valve supplied
    • Size: 430 W x 330 D x 1020 H
    • Watts: 160

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Aqua Giant Water Fountain


  • Filtered water enhances the life expectancy of the unit
  • Pressure regulator helps prevent water leaks

Additional Information

  • Filters need to be replaced regularly, dependent on usage and water quality
  • Must be installed with Inlet Water Pressure Regulating Valve


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